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Lifting with revolving platformLifting with revolving platformLifting with revolving platformLifting with revolving platformLifting with revolving platform

Lifting with revolving platform

The lift has been designed and constructed for lifting and revolve vehicles. The scissor lift is suitable for lifting motor vehicles having a maximum total weight listed in the technical specifications and placarded on the lift itself, according to the specific model

The newest and most innovative  vehicle parking system. This is a dream for auto aficionados who like to maintain a hands-on relationship with their machines. Rotating Platform for automotive exhibition, 360 car photography, a revolving restaurant. Better meet your dreams.......

  • Gear drive mechanism, ensuring the smooth revolving, reliable operation, low noise,long life and minimal wear and tear.

  • Hydraulic drive system,and rotate car 360 degree.

  • Max. diameter 5000mm available.

  • Surface medium density fibreboard, steel plate, diamond aluminum alloy available.

  • No noise,Safe, easy to operate

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