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Capital letters“M”, emphasizing the quality of the product as strong as the mountains,Providing strong support for every customer

Individual word “MORAL",Enlightenment of brilliant virtues,Working with high responsibility,Keeping rolling till perfect.

The beauty of the curve!Our products not only have excellent quality,But also a perfect appearance.

The color of the LOGO which is green siginifies that we want to create a silent and environment-friendly products for our clients

In 1995In 1995,MORALLIFT rented one small workshop,and start to product simple lifts.

In 2000In 2000,MORALLIFT built our own workshop, and we introduced the German production technology and technology, began to produce large quantities of standard production.

In 2008In 2008, MORALLIFT build and nurture distributor in the domestic market, improve  sales office, and sell more of our products

In 2010In 2010,MORALLIFT set up an international trading company and began to export lifts worldwide.,And until now,MORALLIFT products have been exporting to more than 70 countries.

In 2015In 2015,MORALLIFT nurtured stable distributor in overseas market,We are still on the way forward,Welcome to join us, Grow together, and become more strong......



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