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Single mast  aluminum work platformSingle mast  aluminum work platformSingle mast  aluminum work platformSingle mast  aluminum work platformSingle mast  aluminum work platform

Single mast aluminum work platform

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    Single mast aluminum work platform

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    Special customized

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This aluminum lift platform is small size, shape, weight, convenient to move, lifting operation is safety and reliability, so it is widely used in hotels, banks, big halls, supermarkets, airport waiting rooms and railway station waiting rooms etc.

This type of platform adopts hydraulic lift platform, chain constructions form, and has two suits of lifting operation equipment buttons. With high quality welding forming framework profiled, hydraulic column which made of high-strength aluminum alloy used, double chain traction adopted, it is compact structure and has high safety coefficient. It is up to the position control block when the platform rising the highest. The hydraulic lift platform has been tested and debugged before packed .Every technical parameter fitted the design requirement.

  • Vertical hydraulic chain liftinging system.This durable and easy-to-use vertical lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor.

  • Aluminum alloy hydraulic lift table: it is a new-era product through brand-new design, adopts new aluminum molding material.This product makes it easy to carry out high-altitude working by one person. The power sources could be 220V/380V or chargeable battery

  • Its hydraulic system offers passengers smooth and comfortable transportation and different safety devices remove every hiding risk.

  • Emergency Descending:When there is no power or malfunctions, manually descend the device

  • The lift table has tiny swing, because of high-strength molding material.Handy and light appearance makes it freely exert maximum lifting ability in limited room

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