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Low voltage transfer cartLow voltage transfer cartLow voltage transfer cartLow voltage transfer cartLow voltage transfer cart

Low voltage transfer cart

  • Product name   :

    Low voltage transfer cart

  • Model  :


  • Drive model   :

    AC power

  • Loading capacity   :


  • Track gauge   :


  • Platform size   :


  • Other   :

    Special customized

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KPD railway transfer carts are powered by the low voltage electricity from the railways. The power source AC 380v is transformed into AC 36v two-phase and are respectively connected to the two rails. Then the wheels and conducting plate lead the AC 36v electricity to the electrical appliance box which is installed on the carts. And then the AC 36v is transformed into DC 36V through the transformer. then controls DC Metallurgy motor through DC control system to make the carts start, stop, go forward and backward and adjust the speed and so on.

The Rail Transfer trolley  is suitable for various industries, steel mill, transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc

  • Powered by low voltage electricity from railways

  • Load capacity is not limited,using time is not limited.

  • Flexible, stable start ,big starting torque,small impact to the gear reducer

  • High use frequency and not too short running distance

  • Adjustable speed and hydraulic lifting device can be installed

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