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Cross transfer cartCross transfer cartCross transfer cartCross transfer cartCross transfer cart

Cross transfer cart

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    Cross transfer cart

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  • Drive model   :


  • Loading capacity   :


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    Special customized

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KPH transfer cart mean that  horizontal movement and abutting joint railway, also called cross cart and change rail cart.Transfer cart traveling along the width of the body, and the workshop crane cooperate with each other. Suitable for assembly over large parts across the transport and transformation processes trolley track.Stop bit high accuracy. Larger gauge, generally divided into double reduction gear or single gear reducer long axis of two forms.

The Rail Transfer trolley  is suitable for various industries, steel mill, transfer steel products .With cranes, forklifts and heavy transport over cross-purposes

  • very big starting force and strong overloading capacity.

  • Larger gauge.

  • No limit of running distance.

  • Safe and convenient operation.

  • Adjustable speed.

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