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Two post car liftTwo post car liftTwo post car liftTwo post car liftTwo post car liftTwo post car liftTwo post car liftTwo post car lift

Two post car lift

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    Two post car lift

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MORAL LIFT introduces a revolutionary double lock system installed in both columns. This new lock system incorporates two locking mechanisms for added safety.

The double lock system is automatically activated as the lift is raised. There is no need for the operator to go to both columns and manually unlock both column locks. All lifting and lowering operations are controlled from one column post. Double safety locks built into each column operated by one release level . Two release...available only in MORAL LIFT.

  • Dual hydraulic cylinders, designed and made on ANSI standard, high quality NOK seals.

  • Supersymmetric arms design with three-stages front arms and two-stages rear arms.

  • Single-point safety release, and dual safety design

  • Clearfloor two post hoist design, provide unobstructed floor space

  • Overhead safety shutoff device.

  • Automatic arms restraints.

  • Hydraulic power unit.

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Waiting for updates

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