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Railway turntableRailway turntableRailway turntableRailway turntableRailway turntableRailway turntableRailway turntable

Railway turntable

  • Product name   :

    Railway turntable

  • Model  :


  • Drive model   :

    AC power

  • Loading capacity   :


  • Track gauge   :


  • Platform diameter   :


  • Other   :

    Special customized

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Cart turntable can any 360 degree rotate,When production process line needs turn, meanwhile car turning radius can not meet the requirements,or very limit space. Can install turntable .To achieve any 90 degree or 360 degree rotate,Precise positioning, accurate connect railway.

Turntable was also installed in garage,To achieve any 360 degree rotate car.very convenient.

  • Rotate car any 90 degree or any 360 degree.

  • Precise positioning, accurate connect railway.

  • very big and strong overloading capacity

  • Safe and convenient operation.

  • Adjustable speed.

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